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I Am This Guy, Son of That Guy

Part of me wishes I had started this blog closer to Father’s Day. But back then, of course, The Lost Boys Meme had not occurred to me.

Before the gullible West bought Fraud … er Sigmund Freud’s Oedipal Theory (with judicious help from Freud’s kin in the media), it was widely understood by White European men that boys identified with their fathers and continued to identify with their fathers well into adulthood.  A common way for the typical Homeric Hero was to introduce himself, as “Greetings.  I am This Guy, son of That Guy!”  Like Odysseus.  Did anyone even know (or particularly care) that Anticlea was his mother.  If Odysseus cared, he gave no indication. 

It would make sense that a man who introduced himself as “Odysseus son of Laertes” would take a personal, vested interest in the young man who would introduce himself as “Telemachus, son of Odysseus,” wouldn’t it?  Well, he did.  To avoid leaving his family to join the Trojan War by feigning madness until a suspicious comrade brought him back to sanity by making sure if he didn’t stop, it would kill Telemachus. 

If one reads The Odyssey, it was obvious that Telemachus worried about his mother, Penelope, and loathed the way her “suitors” were mooching off of her, but he still carried that peculiar greeting card, “Telemachus, son of Odysseus,” with him wherever he went.  Like most young men, he was probably too cocky and full of a sense of his own immortality to get the full understanding of the danger he himself was in if Penelope chose one of those moochers.  But Odysseus wasn’t and he was fully aware that they would kill Odysseus himself if they knew he was alive.  However, it didn’t take long before they each had each other’s backs.

Side by side, they fought for their very lives, defending hearth and home, wife and mother, from her greedy, predatory suitors.  You see what a formidable ally Odysseus was to Telemachus when they were both fighting FOR the same thing, with the Mini-Hef phenomenon in mind, can you imagine what a formidable enemy Odysseus would be to Telemachus if they were both fighting OVER the same thing?! 

It was only recently that science proved something that men instinctively knew all along; while women pass down their mtDNA to both their sons and their daughters, men only pass on their Y-DNA to their sons. 

Because of that old saw, “Momma’s baby, Papa’s maybe,” the men of the era either kept tight control over their women or hedged their bets by fostering the sons of their daughters and sisters like some tribes, or both. 

Thanks to the science of DNA testing, there is no longer any reason for a man to wonder when he can find out for sure.  The blessing of this test was revealed to me when I saw how the love of a man who looked so little like his son that it invited all kinds of speculation and innuendo intensified one hundred fold that they were indeed biological father and son.  It makes me wonder if the Mini-Hef Phenomenon could have been averted if this test was available before the Playboy era.  Would the Mini-Hefs have been so eager to write his son off a his mother’s responsibility if there was not even a smidgeon of doubt that this was HIS son, too?  This looks like a digression, but I’ll come back to this theme later.

Because, thanks to the Mini-Hef phenomenon, an honorable contract of mutual trust and reliance was violated between fathers and sons since the vile and toxic Playboy Era reared its ugly head. In a more aware society, the head of that snake would have been crushed before its fangs could decapitate the fathers in order to separate them from their sons and kill the Body Family.

A sweet young man went through a bad breakup and seemed a little rudderless, so he went in search of his biological father.  Because the man had never married his mother, and had married another woman shortly after he was born, I did my best to downplay his expectations, telling him it would be a great victory if he could get his family history and any medical information from the man.

Well, it turned out better than in my most fervent prayers.  They met, they became close.  The older man stepped up and took an active interest in mentoring the young man.  The high point of one of his visits to the older man was when they were out together and a stranger asked the older man if the younger man was his son and his answer is yes, he’s my son; I’m his father.  He later told the young man that when he first contacted him, he was planning to ask for a paternity test, but the moment he laid eyes on him, he knew he was his son.  It definitely turned him around.

In my previous blog, I highlighted a video segment of a Lost Boy who still loved his father, yearned for a relationship with the man even though he believed that this would never be possible again, and wanted to be the best father ever to his own son. 

My advice to him and the other Lost Boys who are still feeling the aftershocks of the Playboycalypse, that they try THIS greeting on for size, because with the knowledge that Y-DNA is only passed on from father to son AND the scientific DNA testing out there, there is no reason a man can’t say this.  I honestly feel the first step back from the treacherous cliff called Mini-Heffism is to try THIS greeting on for size:

I am This Guy, Father of That Guy! 

The Lost Boys

Back in the mid-part of the last decade, there were a series of articles about “the lost boys.” They were boys as young as thirteen years old, abandoned by their families by the highways of Utah and Arizona.

More than four hundred boys in four and a half years were excommunicated and then expelled from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for the most trivial of reasons.

While representatives of the fundamentalist Mormons insist they’re only kicking out people who violate their moral code, prosecutors and former members suspect the real motive may be polygamy — an effort to reduce the competition for brides.

“These guys know that to continue to live polygamy — and at the level it’s gone to the last few years, with a few men having 10, 20, upwards of 70, 80 wives — it’s obvious that a number of boys have to go,” said Dr. Dan Fischer, a former fundamentalist Mormon.

“In order to exist in a polygamist society you have to have more women to men, your ratio of women to men has to be greater,” said Tom Sam Sneed, one of the many “Lost Boys” who have had to find new homes.

At the time these articles came out, its founder, Warren Jeffs, was on the lam from the authorities because he was under indictment on trying to facilitate a marriage between a minor female to a much older man. He was ultimately caught and convicted of two counts of felony child sexual assault.

After Jeffs was imprisoned, CPS conducted a raid on the compound called Yearning For Zion, in El Dorado, Texas, run by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS). and took custody of 400 children.

However the appeals courts ordered CPS to return the children, because the agreed with the sect that the authorities had failed to prove that the children were in immediate danger when they were removed.

With that, the matter was dropped and the issue of The Lost Boys was never looked into by CPS OR the courts. Isn’t abandoning young teen boys with no marketable skills and no means of support on the sides of highway thereby putting them at the mercy of possible sexual predators and killers putting them in immediate danger?!

Now, some of you may be wondering why this interest in the throwaway boys of an isolated, obscure little polygamous cult and what this has to do with the problems of Young White men today?

This was the logical result of polygamy. The elders had to run off the young bucks so they could have the does to themselves.

This is also the result of serial monogamy or what I call The Mini-Hef Phenomenon. Oh, Dear old Dad doesn’t abandon his sons by the side of the road like stray, unwanted dogs. He’s not as callous as all that. Or is he? He just abandons them with their mother. It’s not like they are put at the mercy of predators who molest or abuse them. Or don’t they?

One big hit that came out of Hollyweird in 1987, at the zenith of Mini-Heffism was a delightful little horror film called “The Stepfather.” It was remade in 2009.

But even if his ex-wife, the ubiquitous Displaced Homemaker managed to hustle to the point where she could get her children in a reasonably safe environment, the Mini-Heff basically let loose sons that had been ill-prepared for manhood, because their mentor decided to take a powder to chase younger poon.

This is the kind of shit that happens when situations are created where men enter into sexual competition with their own sons!

Below is a feature about The Lost Boys. I don’t know if you want to wade through the whole thing, but there is a poignant segment with a Lost Boy beginning at 14:40 through 15:40 that simultaneously brings tears to my eyes and makes me want to bitch slap his sorry excuse of a father into next year.

This exactly relates to what I call the Stockholm Syndrome I see by those Lost Boys at the MWGTOW sites who still talk admiringly about the swinging dick antics of the Alpha Punks who abandoned them rather than Man Up and mentor them.

Young men, I understand where you have great childhood memories of a father who wasn’t threatened by your own burgeoning manhood and how you yearn for a reconciliation. I guess, this is a modern twist on The Prodigal Son … The Prodigal Father?! But if you are going to look to this man as an example, make him an example of what NOT to do!